Winter Driving Safety Tips | Fort Wayne, IN

Winter Driving Safety Tips | Fort Wayne, IN

When you live in an area with lots of ice and snow, winter is the most dangerous time of year to drive/ Not only can the weather be dangerous, but the days are shorter and you're likely doing more night driving. Follow these winter driving safety tips to help you avoid accidents and other dangerous situations this winter.

Slow down

The slower you drive, the less likely you are to slide on ice and snow. No matter how late you are to work or an appointment, getting there on time is a lot more likely if you don't crash - and it's not nearly as important as your life.

Avoid braking

Using your brakes sometimes is inevitable, obviously, like when you stop at a stoplight. But especially on the highway, try to rely more on taking your foot off the gas and slowing down gradually than slamming on the brakes.

Don't accelerate too fast

Just like braking can make you skid, accelerating too fast will spin your wheels and make you lose traction. Press the gas pedal slowly and stop if you start to feel the tires slip.

Increase following distance

Stay much further behind other cars than you would on dry roads. It's going to take much more distance for you to fully stop on an icy road, and if you're too close to the car in front of you, you might just slam right into it.

Don't use cruise control

Never use cruise control when driving on a slippery road. Cruise control doesn't let you slow down without braking, and being able to control your speed without using the brakes is vital to safe driving on ice and snow.

Prepare for an accident or breakdown

Sometimes accidents and breakdowns are unavoidable. Be prepared with seasonal clothing and useful gear to keep you warm until help comes. To this end, it's a good idea to keep food, bottled water, a flashlight, flares, and basic car tools in your vehicle.

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