History of GMC in Fort Wayne, IN

History of GMC Fort Wayne, IN

The history of GMC goes back to 1902 when Max and Morris Grabowsky founded the Rapid Motor Company. They developed some of the first trucks created in the U.S., which attracted the attention of General Motors. In 1909, GM purchased the Rapid Motor Company and created the General Motors Truck Company, which would later be called GMC.

In 1912, GMC trucks were the first mass-produced trucks on the market and sold over 22,000 models. In 1916, a couple traveled in a GMC truck from Seattle to New York City in a month, which was unheard of at the time. Ten years later, GMC broke its own record and drove from New York to San Francisco in a little over five days.

GMC’s sales continued to grow over the next few decades. It functioned as a major truck provider for the U.S. military during World War II. During this time, it produced over 600,000 military trucks.

After the war, GMC Trucks focused on improving comfort, safety, and performance. Details like wood trim, hooded headlights, and panoramic glass made the trucks stand out from the competition.

Over the next several decades, GMC created bigger, stronger, and more sophisticated models. The introduction of the Crew Cab design and the dual rear axle set the stage for the future of heavy-duty trucks.

Today, GMC continues to make history with its innovative trucks that provide the ultimate in power and performance. If you’d like to see the newest entry in GMC’s legacy, visit us at Tom Kelley Hub.