History of Ford in Fort Wayne

History of Ford | Fort Wayne, IN

The Ford Motor Company is one of the oldest American automotive brands. Read below for a quick history of this iconic brand.


Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company on July 23, 1903 with the help of 12 investors. Ford also released its first car — the Model A — which quickly gained popularity. By Oct. 1 of that same year, Ford had quickly turned a profit.


The memorable Ford logo that is still in use today was designed by Childe Harold Willis, who used his grandfather’s stencil set to create the stylized script.


Ford took the world by storm with the Model T. It’s durable and affordable design appealed to the general population, and so the Model T became the first car that wasn’t an expensive novelty.


Henry Ford introduced the integrated moving assembly line to his factories. This revolutionary design in production cut the creation time of a Model T from 12.5 hours down to 1.5 hours. It also allowed Ford to lower the Model T’s price and solidify its place as a car for the masses.


Even with the streamlined production process, Ford still had a hard time keeping his employees due to the demanding work. To combat this problem, Ford famously created the $5 work day. This doubled the going rate for workers at other factories, and he also changed the shifts from a standard nine hours to eight.


The first Ford truck — the Model TT — arrived. Based off the Model T, it had a reinforced chassis and rear axle which made the whole vehicle weigh a hefty one ton.


Among rising competition, Ford shut down its factories for six months in preparation for a new model to replace the Model T. The Model A was released in the same year with the Safety Glass windshield, and it was the first car to use the Blue Oval logo.


The F-Series line of trucks made its debut in eight available sizes, from the F-1 to the F-8. The F-series was the first Ford truck that used a customized platform instead of adapting car platforms for trucks.


The Ford Mustang went on sale and became an immediate success. It is still one of the top-selling cars in history.


The F-150 truck replaced the previous F-100. The F-150 has been the best-selling vehicle in the United States for over 30 years.


Ford introduced the Explorer SUV, which quickly became one of its most popular models.


Ford released the SYNC® infotainment system, which was co-developed with Microsoft. This system lives on as SYNC® 3 which is currently available in Ford’s lineup.
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