GMC Technology | Fort Wayne, IN

GMC Technology | Fort Wayne, IN

The future of the automotive industry looks promising, and GMC is planning the innovations of tomorrow. Here is what the automaker has in store.

Powerful Partners

GMC strives to connect drivers to their friends and family members with messaging systems, but also to the world of commerce. Amazon now partners with GMC to provide more control over your vehicle and your time.

Using the new myGMC Skill for Alexa, it’s easy to remotely start a GMC vehicle with just one voice command to Alexa. Remote locking and unlocking are also available in the system.
With Amazon Key In-Car Delivery, a GMC vehicle can become a secure delivery destination. The new program allows safe and trackable deliveries for Amazon Prime members directly into their GMC truck or SUV.

Advancements in Towing and Hauling

With the priority of GMC to produce reliable, heavy duty trucks, advancements in hauling and towing are key. The new Six-Function MultiPro™ Tailgate completely redesigns a classic truck feature. Able to offer easy access, convenient load stops, and durable work surfaces, the MultiPro™ is as innovative as it is useful.

Heavy trailers and towing loads require the technology to keep them on the road. The new GMC ProGrade™ Trailering System incorporates a plethora of strategically placed cameras to aid in reversing and hitching. Views including a top-down angle help maneuver the truck safely to the trailer. The Auto Electric Parking Brake Assist ensures the truck stays where it stops once lined up. A convenient corresponding app provides pre-checklists, tire pressure monitoring, light checks, and the ability to save the settings of a specific trailer.

Self-Driving Future

The future is just around the corner, and General Motors CEO Mary Barra realizes that designing and building cars as they have in the past isn’t a possibility for the future. Things are changing quickly, so new ideas must rewrite the culture of the auto industry. Part of that change includes self-driving vehicles.

With its purchase of Cruise, an autonomous driving developer, and Strobe, an autonomous driving developer that created the lidar system (that can identify objects and their distance), General Motors and GMC are already on the path to self-driving vehicles.

Cruise has begun to implement a self-driving ride-hailing service. From a smartphone app, autonomous Cruise cars can be summoned, unlocked, and used for stress-free transport.

To see the latest available GMC technology, see the vehicles at the Tom Kelley family of dealerships.

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