Ford Technology | Fort Wayne, IN

Ford Technology | Fort Wayne, IN

Ford vehicles are equipped with advanced technologies to simplify your life and improve the ride. Future plans for new technologies look toward more connectivity, autonomy, and developing cars that are like a helpful friend. Here are some technologies Ford has in development.


The FordPass™ app connects drivers with their vehicle in new ways. It delivers remote start/stop, the ability to lock or unlock the vehicle from almost anywhere, and check the status of engine fluids. In case of emergency, the app provides 24/7 roadside assistance. And, you can earn points with FordPass Rewards™ toward complimentary maintenance, accessories, or even the purchase of a new Ford.

Empathetic Voice Recognition

Per statistics shared by Ford, nearly 90 percent of all new cars will offer voice recognition capability by 2022. With the increased use of microphones and in-vehicle camera systems, cars could actually pick up on minute facial expressions or inflections in speech. In essence, they’ll “understand” how we are feeling and play music or tell a joke to cheer us up.

Cars are already turning into personal assistants with the integration of Siri and Google Assistant systems. Thanks to the SYNC 3 infotainment system, voice commands such as “I need coffee” automatically connect drivers to local businesses. For additional resources, Ford recently debuted Ford+Alexa, bringing the power of Amazon’s Alexa on the road. Further development may create cars intelligent enough to ask impromptu questions like, “Would you like to order flowers for your mother’s birthday?” or “Would you like to take a longer but less congested route home?”

Autonomous Driving

Development at Ford is moving into the realm of self-driving cars. The automaker’s technology will first debut in a ride service, bringing passengers to their destinations when requested without the need of a driver. The system, fully-implemented, would reduce traffic congestion, keeping safe distances and obeying speed limits. Autonomous driving technology also has the benefit of restoring mobility to people who can’t drive.

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