Chevrolet Technology | Fort Wayne, IN

Chevrolet Technology | Fort Wayne, IN

Chevrolet technology focuses on providing safer rides and broader access to the world’s goods and services. Here are some ways Chevrolet is innovating.

Chevrolet Marketplace

As the industry’s first in-vehicle commerce platform, Marketplace allows drivers to find and purchase their favorite everyday items from the infotainment display of a Chevrolet vehicle. The system can locate a Shell or Exxon gas station and allow payment for fuel right from the vehicle.

Waiting times for drive-thrus and restaurants become a thing of the past with Marketplace. Select your morning coffee from Dunkin Donuts, make a reservation at TGIFridays, or order Domino’s pizza to be ready to pick up once you get there.

Marketplace also helps find parking, available hotel rooms, and offers deals on Chevrolet accessories and On-star subscriptions for further savings.


Chevrolet continues to innovate in the realm of safety with features that warn of potential dangers and attempt to prevent collisions. Lane Change Alert warns of drifting, and Lane Keep Assist will correct it with gentle steering. Forward monitoring allows for Adaptive Cruise Control and forward collision alerts, as well as emergency automatic braking for vehicles or pedestrians. And advanced camera technology provides HD Surround View and the new Rear Camera Mirror for better maneuverability.

Chevrolet’s newest safety venture is Call Me Out, an Android app to help prevent cell phone use while driving. The app records callout messages from family or friends and then automatically plays them if there is cell phone handling while driving, warning loved ones to drive safe.

Check out this great technology on the latest Chevrolet models available at the Tom Kelley dealership family.

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