Body Shop FAQs

Kelley Body Shop skilled technicians are trained to repair all makes and models of vehicles, foreign and domestic.
The insurance company can make a recommendation for your repairs, but the choice is ultimately yours. Some insurance professionals with “special interests” will attempt to convince or steer you to fix your vehicle at their preferred shop – a shop that gives the insurance company special deals. These deals will often come at the vehicle owner’s expense, which could compromise both safety and the quality of repairs. Should this happen please feel free to contact Kelley Body Shop – our professional claims handlers are here to help make this process as smooth as possible for you. Remember, it’s the insurance adjuster’s job to satisfy the customer and close the claim at the lowest possible cost. If you decide to use your insurance company’s preferred shop, ask if your policy contains an “elects to repair” clause, causing your insurance to be responsible for the quality of repairs (and possible loss of value).
Kelley Body Shop warrants every repair we do!
If you are filing an insurance claim with your insurance company, all you will be responsible for is the price of your deductible. If you will be paying for the repairs yourself, an estimate will be provided to you after we have the opportunity to assess the damage on your vehicle and explain the repair process to you.
A deductible is like a “co-pay” on health insurance. It is a portion of the repair bill that is not covered by your insurance policy. The amount is determined by your insurance policy and is first set when you initially purchase your insurance. Deductibles are commonly $100, $250, $500 and $1,000. The higher your deductible amount, the lower your insurance premium.
Your deductible is paid directly to Kelley Body Shop when your repairs are complete. The insurance company pays us for the work performed.
No honest repair facility can. Your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance carrier. It specifically outlines what is covered by insurance and what is going to be your financial responsibility. Falsely manipulating an insurance claim to advance one party’s interest is unethical and in many cases it is illegal. There may be legitimate ways to reduce your cost, such as appearance allowances or “cashing out” and declining some portion of the repair. We suggest that you consult your insurance company for details. Be wary of a repair shop that offers to “cover your deductible.”
Collision insurance and comprehensive insurance may vary. Generally, collision insurance covers damage to your vehicle caused by a collision with another object. Comprehensive insurance covers damage to your automobile from incidents such as vandalism, theft or glass breakage. It is generally a good idea to periodically review your policy and ask your insurance agent what exclusions are in your policy.
No – you only need to notify your insurance representative as to where you will be having your repairs done. Your insurance company will work hand-in-hand with your choice of shop to insure you receive exceptional service.
Insurance companies are generally willing to pay for a proper repair. The insurance company appraiser may include only the most obvious damage in their estimate. At Kelley Body Shop, our goal is to write as thorough an estimate as possible. Just bring the insurance estimate in with you and we can go over the differences. If necessary, we’ll notify the insurance company of the changes we need to make. Generally this just takes a phone call and we will bill your insurance company for the supplement at the completion of the repair. Although it does not happen often, some insurance companies will refuse coverage of certain necessary operations even though those operations are required to properly repair your vehicle. Unless you tell us to perform the inferior repair, we will stop working on your vehicle until these concerns are addressed. Generally, that provides some amount of motivation to resolve the impasse and provide you with proper repairs.

Let us help you! We can arrange for a rental agency to pick you up at Kelley Body Shop when you drop off your vehicle for repairs. We have convenient Enterprise locations at our State Blvd. location and our 14/69 Auto Mall location.We’ve also teamed with Enterprise to offer exclusive savings just for our customers. Pick up your rental Friday after 3 p.m. and from Friday through Sunday we will pay for your rental at NO additional cost to you. This enables us to get a jump-start on your repairs and have you back in your vehicle as quickly as possible!

Vehicles can be complex, and it can be difficult to see all the damage during the initial inspection. Estimates written without a thorough disassembly of the vehicle often have overlooked additional damages. Therefore, finding additional damage during a repair is fairly common. However, Kelley Body Shop is the exception; our repair planning process (Blueprint Process) almost always assures no surprise damage. If additional damage is found, it is documented and discussed with you and the insurance company. The insurance company may, or may not, want to come see the damage. These supplemental charges are itemized, authorized and billed along with the rest of the repairs. If the insurance representative wants to come see the additional damage, the repair process could be delayed from 2 – 5 business days. Be mindful that any additional parts found to be damaged will have to be ordered and that can lead to another delay (based on availability).
Before dropping off your vehicle, we recommend that you remove your personal belongings or anything of value. Our insurance covers damage to your vehicle as a result of fire, theft, or even employee error, but it only covers the vehicle and the factory installed parts. Consequently, we do not assume liability for other items that you choose to leave in your vehicle. We pride ourselves on our highly ethical team, but we often remove interior parts to gain access to the damaged area or to protect the interior from damage. One misplaced item can cause a lot of hard feelings and we value your good opinion.

Almost all colors can be matched. Kelley Body Shop employs highly skilled paint professionals who are trained using state of the art equipment to assure colors are matched to manufacturer’s standards.Kelley Body Shop uses the following steps to ensure your satisfaction with the color match:

1. Your vehicle has an information label that includes a paint code. This code identifies the color of your car.

2. Our computerized paint-mixing system includes the standard color for your car and known variants. The database of known variants is important because in the vehicle manufacturing process there is some variability (such variations typically occur between paint lots or between factories). We check for the best match among these base colors and their variants.

3. Blending is used to fade the freshly painted finish into the original. Between tinting and blending, the color match area becomes completely invisible.

Your rates may or may not go up depending on who is at fault and the type of loss. Your driving history may also influence a rate increase. Your insurance agent or customer service representative can assist you in determining the impact of a given claim on your own policy premium
OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer” and is used to describe parts made by or for the manufacturer of your vehicle.
Aftermarket (A/M) is used to describe parts that are produced by some manufacturer other than the one who originally made your car. Some A/M parts carry certification that helps ensure the basic quality of the part. Aftermarket parts are usually less expensive than new OEM, but for some applications may be a better choice than used OEM parts. While it is not the practice of Kelley Body Shop, some repairers and insurers list these parts as “Quality Replaced Parts.”
LKQ stands for “like, kind and quality.” Most of us are more familiar with the other term for this category, which is “Used Parts.” The term LKQ should more precisely define a sub-category of used parts that are just like the parts on your vehicle before your loss.

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