2019 BMW 330i Technologies

BMW 330i Tech | Fort Wayne, IN

With a suite of high-tech infotainment and safety technologies, the BMW 330i not only looks modern, but it also features some truly state-of-the-art systems. BMW engineers have been hard at work make the 330i more intelligent and convenient than ever before, and the latest model year comes with systems that help you reverse, parallel park, and drive with ease.

Parallel Parking Assistant

Hate parallel parking? BMW has a solution for that. The 330i comes with a Park Assist Plus feature that helps you to parallel park with the simple press of a button. This system uses an array of front and side cameras to locate the parking spot and pull in with ease. You can use the infotainment screen and the iDrive knob to confirm the spot and to initiate the process.

Perpendicular Parking Assistant

The new features don’t just end with parallel parking: BMW Perpendicular Parking assistant can squeeze you into virtually any spot while still leaving room to open the doors. Using many of the same cameras as the Parallel Parking Assistant, this feature can make a three-point reverse into a spot.

Backup Assistant

Even if you’re not parking on the street, the new backup assistant feature on the BMW 330i will help you pull into the driveway. Particularly useful for those with long and winding driveways, the Backup Assistant can actually remember steering inputs from the past 160 yards of driving to help you back up the next time you leave the driveway. Controlling steering, braking, and speed, this system takes control when you need it but also alerts you when its time to take hold of the wheel again.

Driving Assistant Professional Package

This new package comes with Extended Traffic Jam Assistance and Active Driving Assistance, among other things. Essentially, it turns on when you activate adaptive cruise and lane keep assist, reading the lanes beside you and watching for obstacles ahead. If you take your attention away from driving for more than five seconds, the package will alert you with audible and visible warnings. In fact, the system an even pull over to the shoulder of the road if you can’t take control of the wheel again.

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